Founded by husband & wife duo Vincent & Jessie Leman in 2006, Dust & Ashes Productions is a design studio focused on making beautiful objects for everyday life.



About Vincent

Vincent has been a lover of art, design, engineering, & science his entire life.  He is equally happy wandering the Art Institute as he is reading the latest issue of New Scientist.  His 2-sided-brain-view of life allows him to strike a careful balance between aesthetic beauty and real-life manufacturing.


Vincent grew up in his family's custom cabinet shop in rural Indiana.  He has been designing & building furniture since his early teens.  With an avid interest in sculpture, drawing, photography, and woodworking, his first line of furniture is a pure reflection of these foundational passions.


MS Product Design & Development Management (MPD)
Northwestern University, Evanston, 2014

BS Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
Purdue University, West Lafayette, 2000


2017 - Design, development, & prototyping services begin
2012 - Designed & launched the Rocket Mission line of modern furniture
2010 - Contract manufacturing to other companies begins
2008 - Collaborated & launched uncommon handmade line of home goods
2006 - Designed & launched the dust furniture* line with Jessie Leman

Side note: Vincent & Jessie were married just a month before they took their dust furniture* line to a wholesale show in Philadelphia.  They went from 3 galleries to 30 in the course of one weekend.  They've been in business ever since.


Instagram - @vtleman
Twitter - @vtleman