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Background & Education

Vincent Leman is one of the creative forces that started Dust & Ashes Productions.  Vincent is God-givenly artistic & creative.  He loves art & design and has practiced art & craft since young.  Vincent also grew up in his family's custom cabinetry business where he learned the craft of cabinet making.  A degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue West Lafayette completed his creative foundation.  With the combination of those three things, Vincent started designing the pieces that became his iconic line, Dust Furniture*

Launching a second line, Uncommon Handmade during the Great Recession.  The line of home decor became a small product extension to the company's portfolio of large, expensive pieces of art furniture.

During his time at Northwestern University, Vincent launched a third line called Rocket Mission.  After completing his Masters in Product Design & Development Management, Rocket Mission became the driver of a period of explosive growth for the company.

Vincent Leman: About
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