Dust & Ashes Productions produces three distinct lines, offers contract manufacturing services, and design services.

We're currently developing our new website; we'll be adding more as we go.



Our namesake & beginning, dust furniture* is a line of exceptional art furniture.  Meant to bring art off walls and into lives, the line is vibrant and alive.


Our newest line of furniture, Rocket Mission is a line of classic, modern furniture designs.  Bringing warmth and utility to offices and homes.


Uncommon Handmade was Jessie & Vincent's second line that focused on homey modern goods. It has a unique brand perspective and provides approachable home decor.  We are currently folding Uncommon's core products into the Rocket Mission line to simplify brand management.  Uncommon will remain part of the family primarily to continue the brand's presence


We routinely produce custom signage, retail fixtures, small run event products, standard product, and more for other companies.  Our specialities line in CNC machining, assembly, laser engraving, painting, & fulfillment.  We can also 3D print & cold cast.  We can do a lot - and we're resourceful.  If you have something in mind, drop a line!