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Dust & Ashes Productions is a creative wood products manufacturing company.  We produce furniture and wood products in a production, small-batch, or made-to-order capacity.  With over 15 years’ experience, we can turn your table-side napkin doodles into a tangible, sell-able product.


With a passion for efficiency and fine US-made quality, our production systems are set up to allow us a wide breadth of capabilities to meet and exceed your customers’ high expectations. We’ve made everything from production furniture, custom retail fixtures, art pieces and creative case goods, to NY fashion week runway props. We can produce and drop ship one piece —or thousands.

A specialized drop ship program gives you the option of adding a large, diverse product portfolio without the large risks of high inventory.  We also love extending product portfolios upward by adding high-value items - this can make the rest of your portfolio more affordable in your customer's eyes by comparison and increases your portfolio's prestige.


We boast a powerful combination of design and engineering knowledge, high tech tools and machinery, and a vertically integrated production floor that allows us to go from raw wood to assembled inventory and ultimately, fulfilled product.


In addition to offering design, production and fulfillment services, we maintain two of our own house brands, Romi Design and Dust Furniture, as well as provide OEM and à la carte design services to other companies.


Are you an interior designer interested in launching a line of luxury crafted furniture or home accessories? In need of contract wood product manufacturing? Looking for a specific custom wood component for your project? Or do you just want to consult with an experienced designer? Please drop us a line—we’d love to talk!


We really love making things… What can we make together?

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We create & enable impactful design.  We can help develop a new product for your company.  Develop & manufacture - or make your vision a reality - we have the artistic & technical talent to turn your vision into reality.

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We bring your ideas to life using a combination of SolidWorks, Experience & Creativity to carefully design & develop all of your products.  

While we typically work to release products that we manufacture, we're also available on a consulting basis as well.



From solid wood counter tops, to solid wood blanks for fine furniture - we can make the solid wood panels you need for your project.

We specialize in 6/4 & 4/4 glueups but can make any panel up to 5" thick & 43" wide.

Our tools include:
- Ironwood 3 head planer-sander
- Taylor Glue-up rack

CNC Machining

We operate a 5'x10' 7.5hp Panel CNC machine with a 10 tool changer.  This means we can machine everything from sheets of plywood for furniture or panels of solid wood for toy manufacturing.  

Our years of designing incredible complex artisan furniture gives us the experience and know-how to machine your product perfectly.



Our real muscle is our people, while we have a full compliment of tools & equipment - our experience and creativity brings your products to life.

At last count we had over 50 years of combined wood production experience available to us.

Additionally, the shop sports line boring, edge banding, and fladder sanding capabilities.


We also provide laser engraving/cutting services on our Epilog 28 x 40 Laser Engraver.  

Our favorite thing to do is tag a piece of furniture with a customer's logo for the ultimate finishing touch.   

Engraving also works well for small home decor items from clocks and wall hangings, to coasters or engraved cutting boards.

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In addition to full manufacturing services, we also offer contract paint & finishing services.  If you have a wood product that needs painted, stained, or clear-coated - we can help.  We have 2 13' wide compliant spray booths with AAA spray systems and dedicated drying rooms to get the job done.

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Once your product is made, we can help with final assembly and packaging.  With roots in large furniture packaging, we have the experience and know-how to pack your products safely.  Whether we're shipping single, large items LTL with custom packaging or packing production products for Ground shipments, we can get it done.

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